Rent a Tent in Delhi, Manali, Kasol for camping.

Rent a Tent in Delhi, Manali, Kasol

At we are trying to make a trend of camping and trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Camping can make  traveling cheap, economical and a lot of fun. So for this initiative we are trying to provide the tents at cheapest rate we can. Hence rent a tent with us and enjoy wilderness at its best with lowest price possible.

North India has some of the most beautiful trekking routes. The first thing we need for trekking is a good tent and we know not everyone has purchased a tent for their travels so rent a tent with us and let us take care of your camping needs.

Below is the view of camping at Parashar lake, under the stars wrapped by moon light. If you are up for it then Camping will provide you the best time possible. In this kind of wilderness you don’t require a 5 star hotel with a bed, all you need is a clean tent, sleeping bag, presence of countless stars and peace of mind.

Rent a tent with
Rent a Tent for camping at Parashar Lake

Rent a Tent for 2 People, 3 People with Storage area


Brand – Quechua Arpenaz
Person – 3+ Waterproof + WIND RESISTANCE
Dimensions and weight – Room 190 cm wide by 200 cm in length. Max. headroom: 118 cm. Cylindrical storage bag: 27 cm diameter/65 cm long.
Weight: 3.8 kg


Please feel free to contact us no matter you rent a tent from us or not. You require any information regarding a trek in Himachal, Uttarakhand do contact us below.

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Phone no. – 7982613701, 9711319333, 7838329347


How to Setup 3 Men Camping Tent – Please Watch the video

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