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Traveling, camping and trekking need a list of equipment to make your adventurous journey hassle-free and memorable. If you are looking to rent camping equipment in Delhi, Manali or kasol,Require any tent rental details or any other equipment then Truemountaineer.in is the place for you. Get the quotation for any equipment and take them with you for a pleasant journey. We specialize in providing tent for rent in Kasol for trekking experiences in malana ,kheerganga ,Mantalai Lake ,Parashar Lake and rent camping equipment at affordable rates.



We Provide Good quality camping equipment on rent for your journey that is within your budget So you can enjoy your trip with peace on mind.

Most Popular Rent Camping Equipment

Camping Tents available for 2 people, 3 people with storage space and 4 people. Check out the video attached HERE to know how to easily setup your tent.

Basic way of setting up camping tent is to first find a spot with eye-catching view, making sure the area is plain i.e neither inclined nor declined. Clean up the area under the tent, do not let any rock under your tent as it will now or than cause inconvenience to you. So rent camping equipment that you desire with


If you wish to rent camping equipment this is the most necessary thing required in any wilderness camping.

Sleep is a basic necessity and so is the sleeping bag. In Himalayas weather can be very challenging. Negative temperature is very common in most of the treks even in summer season so plan your trip accordingly with appropriate equipment.

Having a warm cozy comfy sleep is a blessing for next day. So rent a sleeping bag as they can withstand harsh temperature. They are rated for -5 to -10 C but they can withstand much much lower temperatures.

Everybody’s gotta eat ! Nothings better than cooking your own delicious meal when you’re hungry. Empty stomach is not a good way to live. So Carry a portable stove with you and always be prepared for making your own delicacies.

**  As you rent camping equipment you should know that these stove run on butane gas cylinder, you can buy these cylinders online as these cylinders are very very scarce items in hilly areas. We may also have these available but they are mostly out of stock So it is better to come prepared and carry the cylinder from your home in your backpack and do carry a spare one as one may never know when hunger can strike.

Camping mat is a must have if you plan to lay down in a tent . They are very light to carry and comfortable to lay on. Rain is an expected phenomenon so ground becomes wet and cold that in turn make tent floor cold.So here comes the need of camping mat and to rent camping equipment.

If you wish to carry loads of items and attach tent sleeping bag to your travel pack than you need a rucksack. We have rucksacks of different type, size , weight and loading capacity. So rent camping equipment accordingly.

Off to explore the less explored places on foot, Carrying your rucksack on your back. Getting through the mountain has lots of ups and downs so let a hiking pole share a bit of burden from you. They provide excellent grip on rough patches, they even take weight of your shoulders and act as a third leg to slow down fatigue.

They are not just for beginners, even great experienced mountaineers use hiking poles to help them through their journey.

And one can always draw smiling face on snow using hiking pole ?

Rent Camping Equipment
Happy Face


*If you require to rent camping equipment that is not mentioned here feel free to mention it in comment or while registering your request we will try our best to make that available for you.


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