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Tent For Rent in Delhi, Manali, Kasol

Hello Fellow Travelers,

We are here to help our Mountain Lover & Trekker with tent for rent and other camping equipment. We will update for new trek in Himachal Pradesh and uttarakhand.

Some of the Best Camping destinations in Himachal and uttarakhand are Prashar Lake, Munsyari , Kasol, Manali, Kheerganga, Spiti valley, Pin pass, Mantalai Lake, Chopta, Narkanda, Chadar trek, Chandra Tal, Leh Ladakh .

If you require tent for rent, Sleeping tent for rent, stove for rent, Sleeping tent mattresses for rent for some adventuress trekking in wilderness of Himalayas. Truemountaineer is your place to be.

Tent for rent

Basic Camping Requirements are -:

  • Tent mattress
  • Trekking Bag
  • Butane Stove
  • Camping Lights/Head lamps



Feel Free to contact us regarding any query for Renting camping equipment, knowing the unknown trek in India and things to remember before going to trek and any other information you require.

Tent for Rent
Camping at Mantalai Lake with Truemountaineer.in

We’ve got it all…from 2 person tent to 8 person tent for rent from brands like The North Face and Quechua. These tents will keep you, your friends and family cozy, comfy and dry.

Need a headlamp or stove or flashlight? How about camping chairs, cookware, hiking poles, fuel, or any number of other items.We not only provide tent for rent, We have all kinds of equipment you may need. Just Contact us and ask for the required items.


Detailed info for Tent For Rent for 2 People, 3 People with Storage area


Brand – Quechua Arpenaz
Person – 3+ Waterproof + WIND RESISTANCE
Dimensions and weight – Room 190 cm wide by 200 cm in length. Max. headroom: 118 cm. Cylindrical storage bag: 27 cm diameter/65 cm long.
Weight: 3.8 kg


Tent for Rent with Truemountaineer.in
4 people Tent with storage space

Detailed Info about Sleeping Bag with Good Quality in Delhi, Manali, Kasol.

SLEEPING BAG – Comfort temperature 10°C / Limit temperature 5°C

Brand – Quechua Arpenaz
Person – 1
Dimensions and weight – Build: M < 1.70 m / L < 1.85 m / XL  < 2 m. Left Zip.
M 0.9 kg / L 1.1 kg / XL 1.3 kg
Compatibility – Can be twinned to sleep 2 people. Link a right zip BLUE bag to a left zip bag

When you have a great quality tent for rent all you got to do is enjoy your trip, so we take the step by committing to “Bhayankar” Clean. When you rent a tent from Truemountaineer.in , Be sure of hassle free outings. We guarantee Cleanliness!

You May Contact us –
Mail – support@truemountaineer.in
Phone no. 9711319333, 7838329347

If you’re in need of any other equipment that is not mentioned here or you require information regarding any trek you’re planning , mention those things in comment section and we will provide you with all the details available.

Rent a Camping Tent in Delhi, Manali, Kasol at affordable prices.
Rent a sleeping Bag in Delhi, Manali , Kasol at affordable prices.

2 thoughts on “Tent For Rent – Truemounaineer – One Place for your Camping needs”

  1. Hello, I heard that kheerganga is closed for unauthorized camping and I wanted to know if it is ok to rent a tent and trek to kheerganga this month. Please respond, thank you.

    1. Hello there, So the unauthorized camping problem is faced by locals who put up big tents for tourist accommodation. Forest department is not allowing some of those locals to put up there tent. But as of for tourists carrying there own equipment there is no need to worry, all you gotta do is find a good plain dry spot to set up your tent and have fun under starlight. Require any other information feel free to leave a comment. Peace !

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